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Busty Brunette Canadian Escort Challo

Appointment: Booked over the phone. Location: Pleasant, clean place, dedicated car-parking (though I travel by train). In the Rexdale area of Toronto, Canada.

Horny Escort Girl Mindy

Appointment: Booked over the phone. Location: West Rouge, Toronto.

Redhead Escort Girl Tala

Appointment: I rebook via text now but had to call the first time. Location: Just on the right of the new bridge. Apartment: Nice and clean, spacious and airy. Had it done up recently.

Natural Beauty Jes Escort

Appointment: I called up the general number on the website and spoke to a very lovely girl who talking me though how to book as they have recently change their system, I also paid over the phone which was nice and easy. Location: Very hidden, if you go from the town centre out to the valley dome then past the sports centre there is an almost hidden entrance to a new garden housing development.

Professional Escort Girl Chloe

Appointment: A last minute booking over the phone, very pleased I did (after I calmed down!). Location: In the very centre of town near the massive new park area, very pretty area feels nice and safe very upmarket, no dodgy people about.

Busty Petite Mandy

Appointment: Called, booked, done! Location: Very charming area. Full of terraced houses – I guess all worth 9 million CAD plus – and Range Rovers. A block of social housing up the road called Swallow House, which raised a smile.

Petite Blonde Feliss Escort

Appointment: I use an agency to make my appointments, used them before so sent them a text with what I wanted, they called me back to confirm. Location: Just over the bypass. Apartment: Discreet basement flat. She has a whole flat for herself what was very comfortable for me and I self very safe.

Mistress Christine Escort Girl

Appointment: Called and booked. Location: Easy to find apartment in an upmarket area. Apartment: Nice warm room with shower facilities and fresh clean towels.

Dominatrix Escort Girl Elliana

Appointment: I have seen Elliana escort girl before and so had her private number I could text her on to make my appointment, mistress does not always like to take phone calls. Location: Quiet part of town on the other side of the river, next to the new bridge. Apartment: Very, very dirty! In a good way of course!

Lydia the Hot Ebony Escort Babe

Appointment: I emailed her from her website and then she called me back within the hour and we made the appointment over the phone, she confirmed all the details and sent me a text with the info and said I could call her if I got lost. Location: Not very sure about this part of Vancouver as I live on the east side and this was the south, I don’t spend much time there, but it was very upmarket and I felt very safe so no problems.